Did JWoww Really Get Cheek Implants?

January 9, 2012

Celebrity, The Advisor

While browsing through the magazine rack at the airport the other day, I was struck by a photo on the cover of Maxim magazine. The cover model, JWoww from the MTV show Jersey Shore, appeared to have obvious cheek implants. If you aren’t familiar with who this is, I barely am either. But she is visible enough for me to know that she has drastically changed something in her cheeks. Now truth be told, most of these magazines are very good at Photoshop, and could have accentuated her cheekbones for the cover. But since she is no stranger to plastic surgery, it wouldn’t be a shock that she had some facial work done.

It does look like she has had cheek implants placed, sine her cheekbones are so pronounced. If so, my opinion is that the implants are too large. Could the change be due to a filler injection? Possibly, but it would take A LOT of syringes to achieve such a dramatic change. It is pretty uncommon to see such an obvious change with fillers, unless done by a overly aggressive injector. If JWoww had come to see me, my advice would have been to pass on implants, and if she wanted any cheek augmentation, a little Radiesse would have given her a much more natural result. JWoww has stated that her prominent cheekbones are due to recent weight loss. I suppose that’s possible, but it sure does look like implants to me.


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