Cosmetic Trend – Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

January 14, 2013

The Advisor

coolsculpting-pinchIn all of cosmetic surgery, there is probably no higher rate of growth than in non-invasive body contouring. This is due to the rapid advances and significant improvements that have occurred in this area of Medicine. One of the best examples of this is cryolipolysis (also known as CoolSculpting). While many of the early body contouring devices suffered from inconsistent results, cryolipolysis has proven itself to be a much more effective treatment. Body contouring is also very technique dependent, so it is imperative that patients seek a physician’s office that is experienced in these procedures. Another recommendation would be for a patient to seek a physician’s office for treatment, rather than the spa around the corner. Patients should not underestimate the value of having a supervising physician on-site. Each contouring device has its own unique indication. For instance, while CoolSculpting non-invasively removes fat through a controlled cooling process, another device such as Velashape targets cellulite by using radiofrequency and infrared light. The benefit is that different treatments can be combined to maximize a patient’s desired outcome. And while the engineers and scientists have finally developed technologies that are actually very effective, body contouring is still in its relative infancy. I expect this evolution to continue over the next few years, and new indications for treatment (such as the targeted treatment of arm or neck fat) to follow.


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