January 9, 2012


Did JWoww Really Get Cheek Implants?

While browsing through the magazine rack at the airport the other day, I was struck by a photo on the cover of Maxim magazine. The cover model, JWoww from the MTV show Jersey Shore, appeared to have obvious cheek implants. If you aren’t familiar with who this is, I barely am either. But she is visible enough for me to know that she has drastically changed something in her cheeks. Now truth be told, most of these magazines are very good at Photoshop, and could have accentuated her cheekbones for the cover. But since she is no stranger to plastic surgery, it wouldn’t be a shock that she had some facial work done.

It does look like she has had cheek implants placed, sine her cheekbones are so pronounced. If so, my opinion is that the implants are too large. Could the change be due to a filler injection? Possibly, but it would take A LOT of syringes to achieve such a dramatic change. It is pretty uncommon to see such an obvious change with fillers, unless done by a overly aggressive injector. If JWoww had come to see me, my advice would have been to pass on implants, and if she wanted any cheek augmentation, a little Radiesse would have given her a much more natural result. JWoww has stated that her prominent cheekbones are due to recent weight loss. I suppose that’s possible, but it sure does look like implants to me.

November 18, 2011


The Public’s Perception of Plastic Surgery

I was out shopping and noticed a young female with a splint on her nose. I also noticed taping of the tip that told me that she had certainly had a rhinoplasty. There was also some noticeable bruising under her eyes. It made me think…do people mind if others know that they underwent a cosmetic procedure? Years ago, it was believed that the signs of recent cosmetic surgery served as a status symbol. There were even surgeons who had a signature ‘stamp’ on their nasal splint so that others would know that the rhinoplasty was done by them!

 Gone are the days where cosmetic surgery is only performed on the wealthy and elite. But does the public still perceive it this way? The media is still fixated on whether Kim Kardashian had butt implants or if Jennifer Aniston has ever had Botox. My opinion is that cosmetic surgery is seen as more acceptable than ever; I attribute the widespread use of Botox and fillers to this trend. Patients who are injected with a dermal filler probably have a more open view toward cosmetic surgeries like a rhinoplasty or facelift.

 I would like to think that the young woman who I saw in public today with a nasal splint wasn’t out in public to ‘show off’ her recent surgery. Rather, I would like to think that she was feeling good after surgery, and wasn’t worried about what others thought of it. After all, cosmetic surgery should ultimately be done so that someone feels better about themselves in some way, not necessarily how they are perceived by others.

October 26, 2011


What Happened to Simon Cowell’s Eye?

While watching the X-Factor the other night, I was quite surprised to see Simon Cowell’s left eyelid was drooping. I had to do a double-take to make sure that my own eye wasn’t playing tricks on me. It was immediately obvious to me what had transpired; Simon unfortunately had suffered a rare, but preventable, Botox complication. Botox obviously weakens the facial muscles to smooth out forehead wrinkles, but if placed too closely to the eyelid, it can weaken the levator muscle that elevates the upper eyelid. This is called an eyelid ptosis, and as one can expect, occurs quite rarely after Botox injections. As long as the injector is careful and adheres to basic injection principles, this complication can be largely avoided. The good news is that it usually doesn’t last long. But back to Simon…I can only imagine how angry he was, for this to happen during the debut of his newest show! I imagine he treated his injecting physician far worse than any of his contestants! Now I guess we’ll all see how long the ptosis lasts…

October 24, 2011


Do Fillers Make People Look Unnatural?

Every day, at least one of my patients tells me that they are afraid to try fillers because they don’t want to look ‘fake.’ So can fillers make patients look fake? Well, it depends. If you put enough fillers into a patient’s face, they will certainly lose their natural look. The reality is that this would likely take much more filler than is usually injected. If fillers are correctly used to fill in lines and wrinkles around the face, this usually produces a refreshed, natural look.

As with everything in life, there are exceptions to this general rule. The lips are one area of the face that is easily over-filled. This is why is takes an experienced eye, good judgment, and a proper technique in order to produce a natural result. I take pride in the natural, plump lips that I can achieve with my technique. My choice of filler for most patients is Juvederm Ultra, as I like the ‘soft’ look that it produces. Restylane is also a good choice as well. Personally, I think technique is far more important than product choice.

Another area that can look unnatural when overfilled is the cheek. The ‘cat lady’ socialite in New York is the epitome of what overfilling the cheeks will do (although there are most likely implants in there as well). But again, with good judgment, a natural look with a youthful, plump cheek can be achieved every time. I like to use Radiesse to fill in the cheek, but at times, I will also ‘layer’ fillers by using Perlane on top of Radiesse.

The final area to be careful in is the tear trough, between the eye and cheek. I rarely see patients who have been over-filled in this area (at other practices), but when I do, it looks very bad and unnatural. This is a difficult area to inject, and for this reason, many physicians won’t even inject here. Personally, I love injecting this area, since the patients are usually some of my most satisfied filler patients, and it can really  go a long way in rejuvenating the lower eyelids.

October 19, 2011


Welcome to the Cosmetic Advisor!

Welcome to the most cutting-edge and informative cosmetic surgery blog on the internet. My vision was to create a blog that would keep patients up-to-date on new developments and controversial topics in plastic surgery. As a facial plastic surgeon, I have come to appreciate the vast amount of information available on the internet, much of which is either deceiving or inaccurate. Through this blog, I hope to clarify the field of facial plastic surgery, while making it as interesting as possible. So without further ado, I present to you…TheCosmeticAdvisor.com!