The Public’s Perception of Plastic Surgery

November 18, 2011

The Advisor

I was out shopping and noticed a young female with a splint on her nose. I also noticed taping of the tip that told me that she had certainly had a rhinoplasty. There was also some noticeable bruising under her eyes. It made me think…do people mind if others know that they underwent a cosmetic procedure? Years ago, it was believed that the signs of recent cosmetic surgery served as a status symbol. There were even surgeons who had a signature ‘stamp’ on their nasal splint so that others would know that the rhinoplasty was done by them!

 Gone are the days where cosmetic surgery is only performed on the wealthy and elite. But does the public still perceive it this way? The media is still fixated on whether Kim Kardashian had butt implants or if Jennifer Aniston has ever had Botox. My opinion is that cosmetic surgery is seen as more acceptable than ever; I attribute the widespread use of Botox and fillers to this trend. Patients who are injected with a dermal filler probably have a more open view toward cosmetic surgeries like a rhinoplasty or facelift.

 I would like to think that the young woman who I saw in public today with a nasal splint wasn’t out in public to ‘show off’ her recent surgery. Rather, I would like to think that she was feeling good after surgery, and wasn’t worried about what others thought of it. After all, cosmetic surgery should ultimately be done so that someone feels better about themselves in some way, not necessarily how they are perceived by others.


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